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Leading domestic R&D and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicle control systems and unmanned aerial vehicle solutions


Lyncon adheres to the corporate culture concept of "doing everything, but not finding one thing; not seeking the overall situation, but not finding one area", and is committed to becoming a world-renowned supplier of unmanned and intelligent special aircraft. Lyncon has always followed the pace of the times, exerting the best corporate value, walking with people and synchronizing with things.

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An invitation from Lingkong - Lingkong Technology looks forward to you who are diligent and young and promising to join here and jointly create a better future for Lingkong Technology.

Talent Education

The development of Lyncon is inseparable from the continuous dedication and dedication of "Lyncon people". Lyncon adheres to people-oriented, pays attention to the professional and technical training and learning of employees, and has a perfect path for talent development and promotion. Lyncon will make progress and grow together with you. The road to realize the dream of "Lyncon people".

Benefits for Lyncon People

  • Training System
  • Promotion Path
  • Five Insurances
    One Housing Fund
  • Lunch Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Performance Bonus
  • Year-end Bonuses
  • Group Travel
  • Out Training
  • Holiday Benefits
  • Free Physical
  • Cultural Life
  • Working
  • Technology
Minister of Financial Management Department
Work Place: Xi'an  Suzhou  Time: 2022-08-10 Work Experience: Year Education: Bachelor degree or above

Job Requirements:

1. Under the age of 45, with a bachelor's degree or above in finance related field, intermediate or above accounting title, priority given to certified public accountant (work location: Suzhou/Xi'an);
2. More than 10 years of experience in corporate financial management, with experience in the entire IPO process or having been responsible for a complete IPO project in an accounting firm, will be given priority;
3. Familiar with corporate accounting standards and relevant financial laws and regulations;
4. Familiar with national financial and tax policies, with certain tax planning abilities;
5. Proficient in using ERP information systems such as Kingdee and UFIDA;
6. Have experience in financing related work, familiar with financing tools and products.

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